Codeless Web Testing & Monitoring Platform

Detect and resolve end user issues in minutes with our suite of code-free tools

Simple, Codeless Automated UI Tests

Functional & regression testing has never been this easy:

Easily setup within minutes — all without writing a single line of code
Intuitive browser extension for recording tests available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge
Testwise's test recordings are extremely flexible — unlike alternative solutions, changing button text or moving DOM elements around will not break your test
Run tests from locations throughout the globe

Session Recordings, Built for Developers

Sometimes one of those hard-to-reproduce bugs slips through the cracks of your automated tests — session recording has you covered.

1:1 session replay of real users using your app
Detailed network requests with request headers, response headers, payloads, and response bodies as they happen in the session replay
Console log and JavaScript exceptions
Metadata such as browser version, operating system, geolocation, custom key/values, etc
Customizable data anonymization to match your company's privacy policies and GDPR compliance requirements

Web & API Load Testing

Load testing for websites, web applications, and APIs:

Run real-world load tests on websites and web applications using real browsers
API load testing using custom datasets and acceptance validators
Run tests for up to 5 hours simulating over 100,000 users
Utilize your existing UI tests to simulate real use cases in your load tests on real browsers — all without writing a line of code
Load test traffic from locations across the globe

Web & API Performance & Connectivity Monitoring

Functional & regression testing has never been this easy:

Real User Monitoring (RUM) including resource timing, performance metrics, load times, javascript exceptions, API errors, and more
ICMP / TCP / HTTP(S) / SSL Checks every minute
API endpoint monitoring with custom datasets and acceptance validators
Monitoring from locations across the globe
Notifications via SMS, Email, Webhook, Slack, PagerDuty, and Zapier

Affordable Pricing

Testwise provides enterprise-grade tools at a price the average development team can afford

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